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Meteorological support for nuclear disarmament and weapons control

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Staff: Petra Seibert

Former staff: Andreas Frank, Paul Skomorowski



Participation in the Working Group B of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban-Treaty Organisation / Preparatory Commission
Participation in source location experiments of CTBT/PrepCom Internation Data Centre and WMO
Research to support source location from radionuclide measurements
Organisation of the Kick-off workshop of the new Independent Group of Scientific Experts on the detection of clandestine nuclear-weapons-usable materials production (iGSE)


  • DPRK test 25 May 2009: Detailed news with technical information on the CTBT public website
  • A Technical Analysis of North Korea's Oct. 9 Nuclear Test by Richard L. Garwin and Frank N. von Hippel
  • Atmospheric Transport Modeling and Data Fusion in Support of Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Verification by Wotawa, G. and A. Becker, Contribution to the The 29th Monitoring Research Review: Ground-Based Nuclear Explosion Monitoring Technologies, Denver, Colorado (Sept. 2007). Contains measurements and atmospheric transport calculations indicating the nuclear nature of the DPRK test.
  • Paul R.J. Saey, Andreas Becker and Gerhard Wotowa: North Korea: a real test for the CTBT verification system? Part II: noble gas observations CTBTO Spectrum, 10, 20-21
  • Publications:

    Petra Seibert and Paul Skomoroswki (2009), Source Location for the CTBTO-WMO Exercise 2008, Oral presentation at EGU General Assembly 2009. (pdf, 3.5 MB)

    A. Becker, G. Wotawa, L.E. de Geer, P. Seibert, R.R. Draxler, C. Sloan, R. D' Amour, M. Hort, H. Glaab, P.Heinrich, Y. Grillon, V. Shershakov, K. Katayama, Y. Zhang, P. Stewart, M. Hirtl, M. Jean, P. Chen (2007): Global backtracking of anthropogenic radionuclides by means of a receptor oriented ensemble dispersion modelling system in support of nuclear-test-ban treaty verification. Atmos. Environ., 41 (21), 4520-4534 ([Fulltext for Elsevier subscribers] )

    Wotawa, G., Lars-Erik DeGeer, Philippe Denier, Martin Kalinowski, Harri Toivonen, Real D'Amours, Franco Desiato, Jean-Pierre Issartel, Matthias Langer Petra Seibert, Andreas Frank, Craig Sloan and Hiromi Yamazawa (2003): Atmospheric transport modelling in support of CTBT verification -- Overview and basic concepts. Atmos. Environ., 37 (18), 2529-2537.

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