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Note: The  [research data base FIS] links point to the entries of each person and each project in the Resarch Information System (FIS) of BOKU University. There you can find, inter alia, publication lists of the various staff members and information on the projects they are working on. Please note that this information overlaps with the content of our own web pages, but is not identical. Usually, the projects are listed completely in FIS, however, for many projects you can find additional infromation in our own web pages, and similar projects are bundled in one page there. Publication lists in FIS may list publications completely only from the time of entry of the person into BOKU.

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Please not that this is not an exhaustive list of projects. Please consult the FIS research data base in addition. Best go to one of the FIS links of a group members listed above and then follow the link to their projects, e.g. Petra Seibert's projects.

For projects after 2012, please see!

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