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CIRCE - Climate Change and Impact Research: The Mediterranean Environment

Staff: Helga Kromp-Kolb, Petra Seibert, Irene Schicker, Sabine Radanovics


BOKU-Met participates in the Research Line (RL) 4. The scientific objectives of RL4 are:
  1. To determine how the Mediterranean System works, including its response to internal perturbations,
  2. To establish how the perturbations propagate through the global system and back, i.e., how the Mediterranean system responds to external inputs.
This RL4 is focused on the investigation of the meteorological processes, scale interactions and feedbacks mechanisms linked to climate change in the Mediterranean basin. The determination of the main circulation modes of the atmospheric pathways, and its seasonal variability in the Mediterranean basin, is a relevant issue to integrate feedbacks driving climate change in terms of precipitation regimes, secondary pollutants production, ventilation conditions, etc.


BOKU-Met is evaluating transport patterns into and from the Mediterranean with a global Lagrangian data set generated by the FLEXPART model. See presentation at kick-off meeting for more details.

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Presentation at kick-off meeting, Valencia, 28-29 February 2008: pdf

Poster "Source and destination areas of air in Mediterranean basins", presented at the conference "Variability of Global Atmospheric Circulation During the Past 100 years", Monte Verità (Switzerland), 15-20 June 2008. pdf (10 MB)


Deliverable 4.3.1 (revised version June 2010): Data base of moisture balance for selected airsheds, by P. Seibert, I. Schicker, S. Radanovics, 55 pp. Available as pdf (5.1 MB).

Article: I. Schicker, S. Radanovics, and P. Seibert (2010): Origin and transport of Mediterranean moisture and air. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 10, 5089-5105, available at